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Ciao a tutti!

Sono uno studente di Biologia Molecolare, 23 anni, e attualmente residente in Belgio. Sto studiando il mio ultimo anno di magistrale e sto trovando la mia strada verso un dottorato (si spera!).

Partito come progetto personale in inglese, ho cominciato a scrivere in italiano per dare il mio contributo ad un po’ di divulgazione scientifica.

Nella parte in inglese di questo blog troverete tutte le mie riflessioni, spiegazioni e importanti discussioni su ogni tipo di argomento biologico. Qui cerco di presentare argomenti vecchi e nuovi in una nuova prospettiva, dove molti non si soffermano.

Nella parte in italiano, invece, troverete la sezione Laboratorio di Divulgazione Scientifica, realizzata assieme a LDS – Dottor Wow, dove io nel formato scritto del blog, e Dottor Wow nel formato video, cerchiamo di illustrare interessanti argomenti e metterli alla portata di tutti, specialmente per discussioni che sono quasi esclusivamente trattate in inglese.

Se volete mettervi alla prova con l’inglese o già lo sapete, ma siete interessati al mondo della biologia, fatevi sotto a date un’occhiata ai miei contenuti! Non volete saperne dell’inglese? Nessun problema, d’ora in poi avrete regolarmente contenuti in italiano; quindi non fatevi sfuggire nessuno contenuto: né qui né su Youtube!

Vi do il benvenuto sul mio Blog, seguitemi nelle mie avventure da biologo: my Biologist’s Adventures!



Hi there!

I’m 23 years old and I live in a small city in the nord-east of Italy in Veneto. I apologize beforehand for the language mistakes that will unevitably appear sometimes here and there. My first language is obviously italian but I’m going to test myself with this experience in English because in my field of studies it’s really important and, I must say that, I just love this language in any case.

I’m currently a student starting the last year of master in my journey. I’m studying Molecular and Physiological Biology at the KU Leuven University after graduating in Molecular Biology at the University of Padua (Padova), and I’m really fond of everything regards Nature and many Biological aspects of it. I really like other science as well, for example physics fascinates me as few other things but, well, it is a bit complicated so I’m just an impassioned of that matter. I try to keep myself thinking about the world. I keep pushing on being curious and explore novelty.

Besides my accademic career I have, or I used to have some Hobbies. I played in a volleyball team as a setter, but that was not much a competitive thing, but rather a way to fight the stress and to have fun with friends. Almost every night of the week I also helped a coach in my volley society to earn some money. For need I also offered private lessons about many scientific subjects, but I must say that I’m discovering an hidden side of the teaching job that entrigues me. I used to play guitar, even if now I play it only once every while. Last but not least I had a true passion for magic tricks, as cards, close-ups tricks and stage-manipulations. I started to study that hobby seriously about 6 years ago, but I never did it completely. Even if I have no time at the moment I definitely want to resume that kind of thing from where I left.

I started quite recently to read many books about science and biology in general, and that’s probably why I decided to open this blog. I don’t have any particular theme for what will be my posts. I’ll probably write about my personal discoveries that I’ll encounter throughout my studies but also many thing that I find interesting, strange or profound in Biology. Sometimes I could write a review of some book that I’ll read, or just a personal meditation about something.

Well I’m Marco. Let me tell you a story…

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