Nature runs on …

Nature runs on sunlight
Nature uses only the energy it needs.
Nature fits form to function.
Nature recycles everything.
Nature rewards cooperation.
Nature banks on diversity.
Nature demands local expertise.
Nature curbs excesses from within.
Nature taps the power of limits.

Nature is our place. Nature is our teacher. I chose this little poetry because it describes exactly the way I feel about Nature. There’s no way we’re going to beat nature, let it teach us how to solve our problems, let it invent, how it did for almost 3.8 billion years, new solutions and new organisms through the remarkable and astonishing process of Evolution, which use the natural selection principles to build this entire planet. We cannot be so proud of ourselves or so arrogant to think that the future will not lay on a scientific basement inspired by nature.

This is what I think should be our muse. I think that studing nature and doing science is the best, optimal use of time that we could ever exert. We live in a biological world and comprehend our own nature can only improve our lives, societies and relationships.

If we could only apply what nature teach us much more than we actually do, I think that we’ll live in a much more pleasant planet. I’m not talking about only Biology, I’m talking about Science, develop and use a correct scientific method in each area of our life, will bring us far far away.

What nature does is what catches me. Even if I chose a precise journey to my degree in Molecular Biology, it’s the idea behind it that entertains me.  What I’ll learn in a simple course doesn’t rappresent the grade of appreciation that I have toward Nature. The idea of understanding even a such little percentage of what we know nature is, it’s thrilling to me. Discovering new things, well, that is mind-blowing!

I’m a young Italian student, let me tell you a story…


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